What is Team Spirit Hair?

Team Spirit Hair is a new way for you to show your team spirit.  Team Spirit Hair is a hair tie that is attached to your team's colors.  It may look a lot like the old "shakers" or "pom poms", but Team Spirit Hair is different in a number of ways.

What is Different About Team Spirit Hair?

Team Spirit Hair is softer to the touch and more sturdy than the traditional "shakers".  In addition, Team Spirit Hair is made to have brighter and more vibrant colors than many traditional shakers.  For larger orders, Team Spirit Hair can even customize colors for your group.

How Can I Wear My Team Spirit Hair?

Team Spirit Hair is incredibly versatile.  You can put two in your hair if you want a more full look, or if you want to have a pigtail look.  In addition, you can use it as a shaker, but unlike the traditional pom pom, when you are done, you can simply look Team Spirit Hair into your belt loop.  We have even seen fans attach their Team Spirit Hair to back packs, bikes, and ball caps.

Our Story

My wife and I are lucky to have three amazing daughters. We love going to sporting events and rooting for our favorite teams. One morning several years ago, my wife had an early meeting, and it was my day to take the kids to school.  All was going well until one of the girls informed me that it was "spirit day" at school, and everyone was supposed to wear their team colors.
Unfortunately, the girls waited until the last minute to tell us about "spirit day", and we were on a tight schedule to get to school.  After a frantic search throughout the house, we couldn't find a single team-related item that they hadn't outgrown.  Well, few things make a father more creative than realizing his three little girls are about to start crying.  As tears started to well up in the girls' eyes, an idea came to me, which would later become "Team Spirit Hair".  That day, the girls got to be the first to wear a prototype of Team Spirit Hair.  When they came home from school, they were beaming with pride from all of the positive responses they received from teachers and classmates, and we thought we might be on to something new and exciting for all sports fans.
We have a passion for sports and doing things the right way.  So, we spent several years finding better, softer materials and improved processes that result in bright, vibrant colors, so each person who buys Team Spirit Hair can represent the pride that every fan has in their team.  Not only did we come up with a new way to show team spirit, but we also designed a shaker that is more versatile, colorful, soft, and sturdy than the old shakers.  It can be used in your hair, but it can also be used as a Pom Pom shaker you put on your wrist, an attachment to your belt loop, a ball cap addition, or any other way you want to show your team spirit.
We hope our Team Spirit Hair becomes a part of your Gameday tradition.
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About Team Spirit Hair, LLC

Team Spirit Hair, LLC is not associated with any specific teams, sports organizations, or athletic associations.  Please note, our products are not intended for children between the ages of 0-3 years of age due to choking hazard.